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Veronica Mars Australia

for up-to-date Aussie fans

Australian Veronica Mars fans
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A Veronica Mars community for Australian fans who are currently up-to-date with the American season.

Warning: For Australians who have only seen up to the episodes aired on Channel 10, unless you want to be spoiled, this is NOT the place for you! Check out veronica_in_oz for Australian-season ONLY discussions of Veronica Mars.

- Please keep spoilers and speculation behind an LJ-cut. This also goes for images that are wider than 400px. Be kind to people's friends pages.

- Please respect one another. Save the LJ drama for your mama.

- Please use English, and by this I mean grammar and punctuation!

- Spamming and/or trolling is annoying and WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Nor will harassment. Any users guilty of breaking this rule will be banned from this community.

- Absolutely NO community promotions unless it relates to the Veronica Mars TV show directly. Any users found violating this rule will be banned.

If you have any problems contact either slybeer, st_fred or fourkicks.