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Best guest appearance ever.

If you don't know who this is, shame on you.

I admit I really wasn't into the episode until Veronica started feeling dizzy from eating the food. I'm really glad that Logan came to the rescue.

The rapist is totally Piz.

This show needs to start getting a lot better soon.

What does everybody else think?
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Where the HELL is Mac? Remember when if you were in the opening credits it meant that you were in every episode, even if they had to think up a crappy reason for you to have a random walk on in a scene. As opposed to think up crappy reasons to explain why you AREN'T there.
I think it is the Dean. Or Not!Lucky to be honest.

I'd loved the rape thing but honestly Veronica shouldn't have left her drink unattended. WTF!
yeah, how stupid is that girl
i was just very glad that there was a distinct lack of raped veronica, though i wonder if this was in fact the rapist, or one of veronica's MANY enemies copycatting
I know, the MOMENT she left I was like 'Oh, come ON Veronica'.
The for/against Piz arguments that came out of this episode were more interesting than some of this episode itself. I still liked it well enough, the last ten minutes were awesome.

Joss! I love the employee of the month picture in the background. His extras on the DVD are also fun. There was a Buffy dude in this episode too.

I have no idea who the rapist is, but I like Piz so it probably is him.
i agree, the cameo is awesome but nothing compares to the awesomeness of the EotM pic :)
considering i was really feeling for Aaron towards the end of season 1 and loved beaver throughout season 2, i am gonna say its not piz cos i only mildly like him :)
Piz wasn't there for the earlier rapes, during the summer or during the previous chool year, when veronica visited the campus :P
yeah, the chool year, showed you :P
its probably Clarence... notice the rapes have stepped up since clarence did his last job for duncan... man's gotta have a hobby :)
Hahah, good theory.

I will die laughing if it it him.

Oh, why can't QAF be on every day!?!?
damn! i missed friday nights ep.

that scene was aweosome!